The Friends of White Plains Hospital


An exclusive virtual event to benefit
White Plains Hospital and our Healthcare Heroes
Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00pm - 7:30pm

Event Leadership

Wendy and Howard Berk
Anna and Vincent Cappucci
Geralyn* and Ralph Della Cava
Kathleen* and Christopher Winterroll

 *Co-Presidents, Friends of White Plains Hospital


Stacey and Joel Alsfine
Carrie and Andy Bank
Janet and Bruce Beck
Jeri and Andrew Casden, MD
Nancy and Chuck Clarvit
Louise and Robert Cohen
Stefanie and Eric Cohen
Ann Edwards
Kate and Scott Eichel

Susan Fox and Jeffrey Menkes
Dara and Jon Gruenberg
Amy and Doug Hirschhorn, PhD
Leslie and Jordan Klein
Wendy and Scott Kleinman
Clarissa and Steven Lefkowitz
Patricia MacGillivray
Eileen and Michael Meyers
Robyn and Andrew Moss

Stephanie and William Miller
Brenda and David Oestreich
Robin Schafer and Andrew Itkoff
Ivie and Bruce Rader
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Margaret and Laurence R. Smith
Janice and Ira Starr
Suzanne and Alan Waxenberg

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